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Downloads and releases

Links to downloadable archives are at the bottom of this page.


To install LeMill you need:

  • Plone 2.5.3+
  • either Zope 2.9.6+ (based on the version of Plone you're running)
  • Python 2.4, 2.4.4
  • (PloneTestCase for running the unit tests)
  • (For optional local typesetting of math formulas see TexSupport.)

LeMill is not a normal Plone product that can be just plugged into any Plone instance. LeMill is an extension profile which means it customizes all aspects of a Plone instance. You cannot run LeMill as part of a normal Plone instance, but rather you need an exclusive instance for LeMill. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Download the archive
  2. Extract the package into Zope's Products folder
  3. Restart Zope
  4. Using ZMI create a new Plone instance to a suitable location, and select "LeMill site" as the extension profile.

For more complete instructions, see source:trunk/docs/INSTALL.txt

Windows Installation instructions can be found on a separate page named WindowsInstall


To upgrade from an earlier version of LeMill (starting from version 0.3, which is the first supported version), you need to:

  1. Extract the new version into Zope's Products folder and restart Zope
  2. Open ZMI (Zope Management Interface) and navigate to the Plone instance you're using
  3. If you upgraded your Plone as well:
    1. In portal_migration go to Migrate, and upgrade your Plone instance
    2. In portal_quickinstaller reinstall all other product except LeMill
  4. Upgrade LeMill (you can automate these steps by customizing and running the docs/ script):
    1. If you run into error messages with any of these following steps, just continue down the list and rerun the step that gave you the error after the other steps. It's safe to run these as many times as you want. Sometimes changes between LeMill versions will actually require a different order in which these steps need to run, but usually this is the best. But you can just keep trying until you get all steps to succeed.
    2. In portal_quickinstaller reinstall LeMill (may take several minutes if there's lots of changes)
    3. In portal_migration go to Setup and update the "LeMill site" customization policy
    4. In portal_workflow run "Update security settings"
    5. In archetypes tool run "Update schema" (may take quite a while if schemas have changed significantly)
    6. In portal_catalog, go to "Advanced" tab and run "Update catalog"
  5. Done!

Upgrading from 2.0-2.1 to 2.1.4 requires things to be done in this order, as many content types have changed, but changes are depend on each others:

  1. In archetype_tool/Update Schema uncheck all except Pieces and click 'Update schema'. This will take a while.
  2. In portal_catalog/Advanced, run Update catalog
  3. In portal_quickinstaller reinstall LeMill.
  4. In archetype_tool/Update Schema update rest of the content types.
  5. In portal_migration update "LeMill site" customization policy
  6. In portal_catalog/Advanced, run Update catalog again


Prototype 1 (0.1)

Just a barely functional prototype, mainly for internal testing. Released 31.1.2006.

Prototype 2 (0.2)

More functional version, planned release on 21.3.2006, released 7.4.2006.

Louhi (0.3)

First release with working basic functionality. Planned release 18.5.2006, released 22.5.2005. This is the first supported version, meaning that any data created with this version will be retained when upgrading to a newer version of LeMill.

Suur Tõll (0.4)

Planned release 16.6.2006, released 16.6.2006. Has basic functionality of all resources implemented, so the system can actually be used.

Egle (0.5)

Planned release 14.7.2006, released 14.7.2006, although not all planned functionality was implemented, due to changes in developers' work schedules.

Ambiorix (0.6)

Planned release 28.7.2006, released 1.8.2006 after some additional bug fixing days.

Búri (0.7)

Planned release 11.8.2006, released 11.8.2006.

Fehérlófia (0.8)

Planned release 25.8.2006. Released 30.8.2006, due to wasting a lot of developer time on features that were then cancelled. Designers need more time to properly design features and agree with each other, so that when development starts, design is ready.

Layli (0.9)

Planned release 6.9.2006. Release 6.9.2006. Main goals were mostly achieved, although some functionality was left for the next release.

Aino (1.0)

The first non-beta version. Planned release 29.9.2006. Released 29.9.2006.

Peko (1.1)

Bug fixes, Pilot-materials and new improved graphics. Planned release 13.10.2006. Released 13.10.2006.

Iron Wolf (1.2)

Cleaned up, functional and bug-free version for teacher training. Planned release 31.10.2006. Released 31.10.2006.

Bug fix version 1.2.2 released 3.11.2006.

Tijl Uilenspiegel (1.3)

Planned release 15.11.2006. Released 15.11.2006.

Óðinn (1.4)

Planned release 30.11.2006. Released 30.11.2006.

Bachué (1.5)

Planned release 15.12.2006. Released 15.12.2006. Focus on developing the community section a bit further.

Luuli (1.6)

Planned release 17.1.2007. Released 17.1.2007. Bug fixes and overall stability. Fixed some usability glitches after teacher testing.


Planned release 2.2.2007. Released 2.2.2007. Bug fixes and better support for large amounts of content.

LeMill non-preview (1.8)

Planned release 28.2.2007. Released 1.3.2007. New architecture for collections and stories, web-based chat, ajaxed slideshow player, embedded slide players etc.

LeMill non-preview with new front page (1.8.1)

Released 7.3.2007. New front page with collections and stories is now enabled for and few bugs are fixed.

LeMill 1.9

Planned release 30.3.2007, released 3.4.2007.

LeMill 1.10

Planned release 27.4.2007, released 4.5.2007.

LeMill 1.11

Planned release 1.6.2007, released 5.6.2007.

LeMill 1.12

Planned release 28.6.2007, released 29.6.2007.

LeMill 1.13

Planned release 16.8.2007, released 17.8.2007. If you're upgrading from 1.12, you have to run portal_quickinstaller after archetype update. The upgrade script does this in opposite order. This is because the archetype update creates new fields for group objects and, which is ran by portal_quickinstaller, populates these fields.

LeMill 2.0

Planned release 28.9.2007, released 28.9.2007. Major release and deliverable for CALIBRATE project. Includes new template, makes LeMill-material visible in CALIBRATE Portal searches and allows tex/latex math formulas in text. Read TexSupport for instructions how to get local math drawing to work.

LeMill 2.2

Released 11.12.2007 New navigation inside collections, human readable page urls when browsing content, new nicer view when searching for pieces to use in content or as cover images, support for Georgian and Russian characters in said searches, major internal changes to content-types and overall cleaning of code there, some code optimizing, and many, many bugfixes.

LeMill 2.2.2

Released 11.1.2008 Code optimization release. Browsing and about everything is much faster, as things slowed down to almost unbearable during November and December.

LeMill 2.2.3

Released 15.1.2008 More code optimization and fixed the order of results in portfolios, my published and recent changes pages.

LeMill 2.2.9

Released 22.5.2008 Collection of bug fixes and minor improvements, mostly related to stability and managing large LeMill databases from distance.

LeMill 2.2.10 + LeMill 2.3

(2.2.10 to be released in 27.5. or 28.5, v. 2.3 in about week later.)

Version 2.3 removes dependency to Plone's workflow tool, which will give benefits in speed and simplify the code. Upgrading from 2.2.x to 2.3 requires first upgrading to 2.2.10 and running schema update to all checked object types in archetype_tool and then running reinstall LeMill 2.2.10 in portal_quickinstaller.

These operations create new field 'state' for every object and copy the existing workflow state there. Version 2.3 will remove the workflow state and start using object's field 'state', so these fields should have correct values before upgrading to 2.3.

LeMill 2.4

Version 2.4 (final) released. Some new features, performance improvements and removal of some Plone dependencies. 2.5 will continue with performance and scaling improvements.

LeMill 2.4.5

Version 2.4.5 released. Some internal changes necessary for new features in 2.5, more removal of Plone parts and better handling of large amounts of content.

LeMill 2.5

Version 2.5 released. Major update! New content types: Lesson plan and School project. Also changed drafts to be private (invisible to others) by default and ability to lock down a version so that if others want to edit it, they edit a copy instead. Numerous internal fixes.

LeMill 2.6.4

Several bugfixes and small improvements. portal_quickinstaller will run through so many installation steps, that it may be useful to modify and add change conditions so that the upgrade can be done few scripts at a time. For example you can change condition "if doWeMigrate(old, ''):" to "if doWeMigrate(old, '') and False:" to prevent that migration running. Or "if doWeMigrate(old, '') or True:" to force it to run. You can change without restarting Zope, it refreshes automatically.


A major update, which moves binary data (images, audio, video, attachments) from pieces and presentations to external file system. This reduces the size of Data.fs to about 20% of what it was and improves speed, but it will create multiple folders into filesystem. Back up your Data.fs before upgrading.

Requires a product FileSystemStorage? 2.6.2,

Converting existing pieces to use FileSystemStorage? should be done by quickinstaller scripts, not by archetype_update! In Extensions/Install?.py there are multiple commented lines at the end of the file, like (l.678): "#updateArchetypes(self, ['ExerciseMaterial?', 'PresentationMaterial?', 'PILOTMaterial'], start=0, end=6000, out=out)". Uncommenting that line and running reinstall will do archetype update that will also move binary data to external file system for those content types. Lines like "#updateArchetypes(self, Piece, start=1000, end=2000, out=out)" upgrade pieces. Modify it to start from 0 and end somewhere abowe your total number of pieces, or do it in smaller batches by changing start and end points. When running reinstall, you can check if there is activity in your Data.fs -folder and its subfolders.

After running updateArchetypes for all resource types, uncomment (l.680) "#checkUnusedAttributes(self, LeMillPrintResource?, start=0, end=500, out=out)" and run it too for all Pieces. And then (l.696) "#cleanBinariesFromHistory(self, Piece, start=0, end=2000, out=out)" for Pieces and main Content types. It can save a lot of space.

LeMill 2.8.5

Statistics tool, creating pdf:s from collections.

LeMill 2.8.6

Using FileSystemStorage? is now optional: If there is no such product, pieces are saved as they used to be and there is no need to run complicated update scripts (see v. If the Data.fs can handle archetype_update, then upgrade from 2.5 to here should happen in a usual fashion.

LeMill 3.0

Major changes in look and feel. Performance enhancements all around, ajaxified editing, new browsing and searching.


Probably the final release of LeMill under Aalto. All of the bug fixes after 3.0. The versions between 3.0 and this have been tagged for deployment (see and have not been released here.

The uploading to wiki seems to not work anymore, the final version packages can be found here:


Download either the tar or zip archive of the latest version, listed at the bottom of this page. Extract the archive into the Products folder of your Zope. More instructions are in the archive.